Effective Monday, July 28, 2014
ROUTE 3 Schedule Changes
Due to the City of Pittsburgh’s decision to re-designate Penn Avenue with a bike lane, all buses are being forced off of Penn Ave. The following Route 3 INBOUND changes will be effective on Monday, July 28, 2014. The OUTBOUND Route 3 stops have not changed.

Please Note: This is a complete stop list to aid riders with selecting a new stop.:
Dep. TRANSPORTATION CENTER6:206:45--------
Dep. Northern Lights (behind Burger King) 6:27 6:52--------
Arr. Liberty Avenue/5th Avenue 7:35 8:00 --------
Arr. Liberty Avenue/7th Street 7:37 8:02 --------
Arr. Liberty Avenue/Smithfield Street 7:38 8:03 --------
Arr. Liberty Avenue/William Penn Place Not a time point stop
Arr. Grant St (Federal Office Building) 7:40 8:05 --------
Arr. 635 Grant St (AT&T Building) 7:42 8:07 --------
Arr. Grant St/Oliver Avenue Not a time point stop
Arr. Grant St/5th Avenue Not a time point stop
Arr. Grant St/4th Avenue Not a time point stop
Arr. Boulevard of the Allies/Cherry Way 7:49 8:14 --------
Arr. Boulevard of the Allies/Stanwix Street Not a time point stop
Dep. 943 Liberty Avenue -------- 4:30 5:25
Dep. Liberty Avenue/6th Street (Dominion Tower) -------- 4:33 5:28
Dep. Northern Lights (behind Burger King) ---- ---- 5:15 6:10
Arr. Liberty Avenue/5th Avenue ---- ---- 5:30 6:25
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